Graphic Design

Screen Printing / Graphic Design

Matriarchy Prints

Screen prints designed for Peter Hristoff's, The Artist Journal Zine, in collaboration with The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Publication / Graphic Design

Gen.1 Magazine

Here at Gen.1 Magazine, we are all about empowering the first–generation American youth. We are a movement composing, discovering, and giving a published voice to creative leaders that are currently representing cultural empowerment in our country. We share the work of multifaceted creators—not solely designers, but also leaders and activists using innovation to urge the growth of a progressive and conscious awareness. Through various voices, Gen.1 presents diverse fragments of multiple histories; each revealing tradition as well as evolution.

Graphic Design / Motion Graphics

Stranger By The Lake

An interview with Claudine Brantley transcribed with kinetic typography.

Collaborative Zine / Graphic Design

Creative Communities: How We Art

As a collaborative initiative, Creative Communities: How We Art, functions as a manual and an inspiration source, these stories have been printed and bound to exist as a portable creative community you can take with you wherever your craft leads. In both design and music, each of us develops a process that we apply to our craft. And regardless of our chosen path, we face some of the same challenges as we strive to be original, innovative and impactful. We may use different tools and terminology, but when it comes to the way we address the work in front of us, our approaches share key similarities.

Illustration / Graphic Design / Motion Graphics

Explaining Impeachment

Most Americans don’t actually know what impeachment consists of as an actualized government process. Click here to watch the full video and educate yourself on the process of impeachment.

Book Binding / Graphic Design

The Path Taken

This recipe book functions as a map from beginning to end. Focusing on the pathway taken with each step and every ingredient, rather than just stepping through a mundane list. The binding also reflects this idea— each path leading to the next.

Proposed Event / Graphic Design

Alternative Spaces

Discover different communities that formed creative spaces outside of traditional and bureaucratic institutions within New York City. Hear from the voices behind those curating cultural empowerment through experimentation, resistance, and diverse cultural representation.

Editorial Print / Book Design


WMXN CREATIVE, the large scale zine, was created in response to the problem of unequal representation for womxn of color within visual art and design, as well as the world of feminism. People of color do not see themselves wholly represented in media the same way most others do. Within that, womxn of color, including trans, queer and non-binary people of color, see themselves drastically less. This work aims to give access by congregating many different creatives of color, revealing all the different ways in which they use art and design within the context of their own culture and relationship with womxnhood.

Graphic Design / Illustration

Various Posters

Typesetting / Graphic Design


Her-Spective serves as a small body of work featuring a collection of short pieces by female authors. Including, Rosi Braidotti, Rebekah Shelton, Saisha Grayson, Zdeka Badovinac and Elvia Wilk.


Event Promotion / Graphic Design

Swiss Institute Poster Series

Graphic design projects rarely exist in a bubble anymore. You aren't making just 1 piece of material, but instead are designing a recognizable treatment that extends across a few different platforms or materials; a brand. This was a proposed solution for Swiss Institute.