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martin diaz_iyana_03

Editorial Zine / Book Design


WMXN CREATIVE , the large scale zine, was created in response to the problem of unequal representation for womxn of color within visual art and design, as well as the world of feminism. People of color do not see themselves wholly represented in media the same way most others do. Within that, womxn of color, including trans, queer and non-binary people of color, see themselves drastically less. This work aims to give access by congregating many different creatives of color—writers, poets, performers, painters, visual artists, etc.—revealing all the different ways in which they use art and design within the context of their own culture and relationship with womxnhood; begging the question to readers, “Is your feminism truly inclusive?”



This work does not intend to completely solve a systemic problem, but rather to create a platform that provides support and empowerment for those affected by the harmful inequity in art, design, and feminism. WMXN CREATIVE gives awareness to the fact that striving for equal representation is important for every person, of color or otherwise. Womxn of color should not be expected to modify their works’ bearings to fit within the ‘norms’ of design and this work aims to not only reflect this, but to tangibly reinforce it through supporting and uplifting artists’ work in editorial print. WMXN CREATIVE is dedicated to all those woman-identified, who have felt the historical exclusion from second wave feminism, those who don’t fit neatly into a single categorized box.